Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This past month, veterans bonded over free meals at restaurants and relaxed with
their families in free hotel rooms, courtesy of Veterans Day offers from
businesses ranging from local shops to global chains. Such deals are great ways
for businesses to recognize veterans¹ service. However, establishments rarely
offer military deals online because they had no simple way of validating
military service online ¬until now.

TroopID recently launched innovative technology that authenticates military
service and military family membership online. Founded by two former Army
Rangers, TroopID allows individuals to verify their eligibility, and once
verified, they can access deals and discounts online from various national
companies. As a result, business should be more likely to offer military
specials online without concern for misuse by ineligible users. In fact, TroopID
planned several launches with merchants to mark Veterans Day.

Companies like TroopID answer First Lady Michelle Obama¹s appeal to "Do what you
do best" in connecting service members, veterans and military spouses with the
resources they deserve. Joining Forces applauds TroopID, those companies with
whom it partners to offer military deals, and all companies that find ways to
honor the service of our military and their family members. To verify your
service go to https://www.troopid.com. It is highly recommended that you watch
the 1 minute video for better explanation of how the program works. Once your
service has been verified you will receive an email asking you to confirm your
account. After confirming your account you will need to join
https://www.troopswap.com to see "Deals", "Discounts" and "Getaways".

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